Customer’s needs and challenges

Our client is a Austria-based start-up which develops innovative audio electromechanical Microsystems (MEMS) for mobile application. These components are used by the biggest companies from the sector of mobile telephony.
They called upon the expertise of Andilog to offer a solution to perform breakout tests on glue points for parts of their micro loudspeakers.


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Andilog’s solution

In order to answer our customer’s need, we’ve chosen the high-end force gauge Centor Star Touch with a load cell of 50N equipped with a small vise grip to seize the MEMS parts. Our client wanted to save the points of its curves on an USB Stick and review and analyze them with our analysis and report software Datastick II.

Choosing this force gauge enabled to cover the expected performances namely to reach a high precision (0,1% of the full sensor scale), have the curve displayed on the screen and being able to save the test data on a stick for ex-post analysis. This way there is no need to steadily connect the force gauge with a computer.

Description of the test protocol

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The force gauge Centor Star Touch is mounted on a manual test stand with the threaded plate on the back of the housing. The vise grip is then screwed on the force sensor in the axis between the sample and the gauge.

The test protocol was defined as follows to perform the breakout test on the audio parts:

  • Tighten the vise clamp on the selected sample, itself hold by a clamping fixture
  • Start the measurement pressing the tare button on the Centor Star Touch
  • Turn the hand crank until the glue point is broken out. The force/time curve is displayed in live with two selected values
  • The test ends when the peak or the initially programmed test duration are reached
  • The test results are saved manually, on demand or automatically on the Datastick II
  • The sample can be removed and new tests can be started

The data and curves of the measurement are saved on an USB stick of your choice (up to 8 GB). In the included software Datastick II, it is possible to place markers on the curves, analyze the results of the selected calculations, compare several curves, comment them and export all the data in Excel or personalized reports.



Key added values of this system  

The Centor Star Touch 50 N chosen for this project ensures a simple and precise force measurement at 0,05 N, ideal for small parts. It displays the force/time curve in real time with two values, for instance the raw data and the peak of force during the breakout test.

Logiciel Datastick

The vise grip AC PINCE is adapted for samples up to 5 mm of thickness and tests up to 100 N

The included software Datastick II enables a mobile measurement and the saving of 1.000 points of the curve for each test. It’s an easy tool to compare the statistical values of the different tests, overlap curves and do personalized reports for a better follow-up of the breakout tests.  


Other options

Springtest 2The Centor Touch in its version Dual and integrated in the manual test stand Springtest 2 is equipped with a displacement sensor. The display performs the data acquisition in real time of the force/displacement values with a travel resolution of 5µm. This data can be plotted live in our software Caligraph for a fine analysis and archiving of the results.