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Calibration of Force and Torque measuring equipments:

1. The International standards

The international standards require that a measuring device should be calibrated periodically, i.e. annually. Depending on the type of usage of the instrument and the environment in which it is being used, it may degrade quickly or over a long period of time. ANDILOG calibration laboratory is able to carry out traceable calibration with a quick turnaround of your force and/or torque measuring equipments.

According to the measuring range of your device, different types of calibration methods are used:

  • Force from 5N up to 1000N : comparison between accredited standard dead weights and your device
  • Force from 2kN up to 50kN: comparison between an accredited standard load cell and your device
  • Torque up to 600Nm: comparison between accredited standard dead weights on a lever arm and your device

All our references standards (dead weights and load cell) are calibrated periodically by accredited COFRAC laboratories. Our references standards are calibrated according the NF EN ISO 376 procedure.

2. Available calibration programs

No matter the program you choose, all our calibration services include a maintenance service which consists of a full diagnostic of your device before processing to the calibration. For all ANDILOG devices, if repairs are needed then a complementary repair quote is edited and subject to approval. A report is provided, called the calibration certificate, which shows the measurement using your device and the error in measurements.

Simple verification :
3 pre-loading cycles , followed by a measurement cycle in tensile and in 5 steps then a measurement cycle in compression. Both measurement cycles are done without adjustment, known as « as it is » program.

An adjustment can be performed a posteriori on demand or if the device is out of calibration. This adjustment is subjected to an additional quote.

Manufacturer's program (only available for ANDILOG devices) : 
3 pre-loading cycles, an adjustment (to be as close as possible to the manufacturer specifications) followed by a measurement cycle in tensile and in 5 steps, then a cycle in compression. The adjustment of any measuring equipments is an implicit part of the calibration procedure required by ISO 9000.

Extensive program :
3 pre-loading cycles , followed by three measurement cycles in tensile and in 10 steps (2 in increasing loads and 1 in decreasing load) then a measurement cycle in compression.

An adjustment can be performed a posteriori on demand or if the device is out of calibration. This adjustment is subjected to an additional quote.

3. Supplementary benefits

Declaration of conformity:
Indication is added on the calibration certificate, which mentions the conformity state of your device according to the manufacturer specifications.

Additional or specific calibration step:
Special or additional calibration’s step can be added to the above program and are subject to a separate quotation after technical feasibility verification by our laboratory.

COFRAC program or calibration over 50kN or over 600Nm:
With our partner laboratory, we can now offer calibration over 50kN, 600Nm or accredited COFRAC calibration. Contact ANDILOG team for further information.

If you are interested by having your device calibrated, thanks to send us your equipment to the address below. Do not forget to include your contact details, your choice of program and a return address. You can contact us to receive a preliminary offer to your shipment.

Europe Shipping address:
ANDILOG Technologies

ATTN: Calibration Dept
Immeuble les Bouleaux
ZA de Couperigne
13127 Vitrolles
USA Shipping address:
Com-Ten Industries

ATTN: Calibration Dept
6405 49th Street North
Pinellas Park, FL, 33781

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ANDILOG TECHNOLOGIES is a recognized specialist for over 25 years in measuring instruments for force and torque applications in the industrial and research markets. We achieved this goal thanks to a culture of innovation and a strict quality policy. For each measurement case of force or torque, Andilog is creating an innovative and ergonomic solution. We offer measuring devices such as test benches, software, force and torque gauges, digital displays, manual and motorized test stands. We also have every possibility of calibration in force and torque in our laboratory. Our experience as a designer, a manufacturer and an integrator of portable force measuring systems allows us to offer integrated products into complete systems for assembly or manufacturing. All these products feature the latest technologies and are designed for ease of use by industry technicians, laboratory or research.

Andilog Technologies ISO 9001:2015 Certified Certificate #A529
ISO 9001:2015 Certified
Certificate #A529

ANDILOG TECHNOLOGIES, for force gauge, torque gauge and test stand A complete range of force measuring instruments

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