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STENTOR II - Standalone Force tester

  • Capacity up to 5 000 N (1 000 lb)
  • Autonomous force measuring system
  • Color Touch screen with display force vs. displacement
  • Automatic load cell recognition with SPIP technology
Series code: STENTOR II
Availability Usually ships in 3-4 weeks
  • Documentation
  • 3D pdf
  • Plan
  • youtube video
Machine d'essai Stentor II CC

Precision engineering

The tension and compression test benches of the Stentor II range are the most advanced systems of Andilog´s portfolio. They are designed to make tensile and compression tests in the production, for quality control or for maintenance purposes. With their integrated  cockpit they enable the configuration of simple test sequences and the display of instantaneous results such as the maximum effort, the break or the elongation. The configuration is performed directly on the machine.

The test machine Stentor II is composed of two parts, namely its mechanical frame with a force sensor and the steering cockpit. The high stiffness tensile/compression test bench is available in 3 versions:  

  • 1 000N (200 lb) with a 250 mm stroke
  • 2 000N (400 lb) with a 350 mm stroke
  • 5 000N (1 000 lb) with a 350 mm stroke

This test stand is equipped with a S-type force sensor with high precision which offers great measurement and repeatability performances.  It is possible to dispose of several sensors with different capacities on the same test stand thanks to the automatic SPIP recognition technology.

The displacement of the sensor is done via the movable slider guided by a precise track with low friction and  a pre-stressed ball lead screw for a minimum clearance.

The table of the test stand is equipped with threaded holes in order to fix tooling and clamping jaws for the maintenance of samples to test.   The high dimension of the table enables to position samples with a diameter up to 200 mm.


Interface graphique intuitive

Manual control interface

The test stand Stentor II has an integrated control and measurement interface. The manual steering cockpit insures the crosshead displacement for a positioning before starting the test or adjustments of the first tests. It indicates in real time the travel speed and the position. The speed command can be slow or quick (adjustable).

The measurement interface is composed of a color touch screen which enables to use the test machines without software or for a more manual approach. The interface displays in real time the measured force and displacement values as well as the force vs. displacement curve.

Connection USB Stentor

Backup on USB stick

The compression and tensile test stands Stentor II are now equipped with a USB port and enable to save your measurement data directly into a USB stick. So it is possible to easily retrieve data from the internal memory of the machine or save the curves and measurement progressively on a USB stick. A 1 Go stick enables you to save hundreds of results.

The measurements and curves are saved in txt format and can so be simply imported into a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel, an ERP or a traceability software.

The optional Datastick software (sold separately) enables you to directly retrieve the curves from the USB stick and to create personalized reports in PDF or Microsoft Word Format. For more information, please click on the following link: Datastick.

STENTOR II in detail

Included system:

  • Tension/compression test stand Stentor in version 1 000 N, 2 000 N or 5 000 N (200, 400, 1 000 lb)
  • One force sensor (9 capacities available from 10 N to 5 000 N)
  • Power jack (operates at 110V and 220V)
  • User manual


Series code: STENTOR II
Availability Usually ships in 3-4 weeks
  • Documentation
  • 3D pdf
  • Plan
  • youtube video

Technical characteristics
Operate in tension
Operate in compression
1000N ,2000N or 5000N
200mm or 300mm
Displacement resolution
0.02 mm
Displacement accuracy
Height between table and crosshead
350mm or 450mm
Minimum speed
3 mm/min
Maximum speed
300 mm/min
Speed resolution
1 mm/min
Speed accuracy
5 %
Fast displacement speed
350 mm/minute
Worktable dimensions
200 x 300mm
Main power supply
110 V / 220V

Califort material testing software

Califort Software is a sophisticated acquisition and analysis materials testing software, allowing reliable and repeatable results. For force and torque testing on all type of material, products and specimens, CALIFORT answer to your quality controls requirement and so it is the solution for today’s laboratory technicians and operators.

DATASTICK II - Save your datas on USB stick

The system DATASTICK allows you to save you data on a USB stick in one click, whether you are doing your measurement indoor or outdoor on the field, we propose you a complete mobile solution. All data, results and curve are saved on your USB stick, no more needs of a computer.


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load cell SPIP S2

S2 Load Cells for CENTOR TOUCH STAR and DUAL force gauges

Series code: SPIP S2
Availability: 5 days
  • Available capacities from 10N to 1000N
  • Compact dimensions & Lightweight
  • IP68
  • Accuracy 0.5%
  • Automatically recognized by CENTOR TOUCH STAR and DUAL force gauges
  • Calibration certificate included
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ANDILOG TECHNOLOGIES is a recognized specialist for over 25 years in measuring instruments for force and torque applications in the industrial and research markets. We achieved this goal thanks to a culture of innovation and a strict quality policy. For each measurement case of force or torque, Andilog is creating an innovative and ergonomic solution. We offer measuring devices such as test benches, software, force and torque gauges, digital displays, manual and motorized test stands. We also have every possibility of calibration in force and torque in our laboratory. Our experience as a designer, a manufacturer and an integrator of portable force measuring systems allows us to offer integrated products into complete systems for assembly or manufacturing. All these products feature the latest technologies and are designed for ease of use by industry technicians, laboratory or research.

Andilog Technologies ISO 9001:2015 Certified Certificate #A529
ISO 9001:2015 Certified
Certificate #A529

ANDILOG TECHNOLOGIES, for force gauge, torque gauge and test stand A complete range of force measuring instruments

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