Flat screw-on jaws 2.5kN / 560 lbs


Flat jaw with screw clamping for tests up to 2500N (565 lbs). Pyramidal type jaws, ideal for testing relatively hard or rigid materials (plastic, metal, etc.). Other types of jaws available on request (wave, rubber, V...).

Both jaws can be moved to adjust the alignment between the top and bottom jaws. One of the two jaws is equipped with a handwheel for clamping the sample.

Specifications :

  • Maximum capacity: 2500 N (656 lbs)
  • Opening: 0 to 10mm (thickness of the sample)
  • Gripping width: 30mm (1.18 in)
  • Gripping height: 30mm (1.18 in)
  • Type of jaws: pyramidal (1.2x45°)
  • Attachment system: 5/8 (15.9mm) quick connector with pin
  • Body material: Anodised aluminium
  • Jaw material : Nickel-plated steel
  • Temperature range: 0 - 70°C (32-158 °F)
  • Weight for a pair: 0.39kg (0,0009 in)

Quantity: 1 pair

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2.5 kN / 500 lbs
Grip width
30 mm
Grip height
30 mm
10 mm