ANDILOG mesure+ programm

By choosing to be a member of our Measure + program, our customers benefit of a complete after sales service to a comprehensive tariff for the next 3 years. We offer an after sales service package to ensure that your device is continuously supported by experts throughout its entire service life.

The benefits available to our Measure + members are:

Calibration Certificate with your order.

Each of our systems are calibrated within order to provide each customer with a calibration certificate linked to COFRAC standard and a measurement reading. We guarantee our customers a calibration and a personalized certificate obtained just before shipping. So they have an instrument in the most recent version and whose validity is maximum.

Annual calibration for 2 years

the 2 next annual calibrations of their device in our laboratory are included. Our Measure + members mastered in advance calibration costs and amortization of their equipment. No additional cost have to be scheduled for the next 3 years.

Warranty extension to 3 years

Performing calibration and service of their devices in our laboratory on an annual basis, we master the reliability of our measurement systems. We thus offer to our Measure + members a warranty extension of 2 years on their devices. So they have accurate, reliable and available instruments for 3 years without taking any risk.

Fast Service

We understand that our customers cannot have their quality or production process not producing. To make sure to reduce this, we guarantee a fast service to our Measure + members. Fast service stands for quick turnaround time. The average downtime is less than one week, transportation included.

Free delivery

Whether it’s for the delivery of their new device or the return freight after calibration service, Andilog supports all the freight charge to our Measure + members.


One month before the due date of the next calibration, Andilog customer service sends email to our Measure + members as reminder in order to schedule their next after sales service.


We strive for continuous development, and we ensure to our Measure + members the benefit of new available electronic software for their devices, by upgrading them during their annual calibration service. So our members always benefit from the latest improvement.