About Andilog Technologies

Andilog French plant
Andilog French plant
ANDILOG TECHNOLOGIES is a recognized specialist for over 25 years in measuring instruments for force and torque applications in the industrial and research markets. We achieved this goal thanks to a culture of innovation and a strict quality policy.

For each measurement case of force or torque, Andilog is creating an innovative and ergonomic solution. We offer measuring devices such as test benches, software, force and torque gauges, digital displays, manual and motorized test stands. We also have every possibility of calibration in force and torque in our laboratory.
Com-Ten USA plant
Com-Ten USA plant

Our experience as a designer, a manufacturer and an integrator of portable force measuring systems allows us to offer integrated products into complete systems for assembly or manufacturing. All these products feature the latest technologies and are designed for ease of use by industry technicians, laboratory or research.

Research & Development

ANDILOG TECHNOLOGIES is a French company located near Vitrolles in front of Marseille airport, in the south of France. Founded in 1986 in Boulogne, near Paris, it specializes in creation of instrumentation for measuring force and torque. ANDILOG TECHNOLOGIES has a long history of innovation in physical measurement.

Guided by the spirit of innovation, ANDILOG TECHNOLOGIES invents and performs standards of tomorrow to serve and support its customers. Always concerned by offering high-performance instruments, we are listening to our partners to jointly develop technologies that respond efficiently to market needs. Some examples of our innovations:

  • Force gauge with the first bar graph in 1999
  • Force gauge with the first graphing capability in 2001
  • SD card reader for force and torque gauges in 2004
  • Force gauge with color screen in 2009
  • Touch screen in 2010

Some of our partners

Bouygues Construction (France) Laboratory Vane
Cumin (United States) Adhesion Tester for mobile site
Johnson Controls (France) Maintenance welding machine
Shimadzu (United States) Tests on opening vials
Valeo (France) Test of vehicle air conditioning
Avinent (Spain) Control of dental implants
Geneq (Canada) Special sensor for measuring springs in engines
SNCF (France) In situ measurement of motor brush springs
Ball Packaging (Germany) Measurement of friction cans
Hayden (United States) Membrane spring tester
Batelle (United States) Test drilling for membranes
NIH (United States) Test drilling of neonatal membrane
Thales (France) A measure of strength of film application on aircraft wing

With over 25 years experience and over 1000 customers in France and all around the world, the quality and functionality of our products are constantly enriched. A wide range of accessories such as grips, plates, hooks, jaws of different dimensions, etc. came to complete our catalog  to meet all the needs of our clients in many applications such as: electricity, packaging, spring, automotive, material testing, metrology, food business, cosmetics and cedical.

All instruments, sensors and materials are manufactured in Europe or in the USA and 100% are assembled in our facility in Vitrolles.


1986 - Establishing of ANDILOG TECHNOLOGIES
The company ANDILOG TECHNOLOGIES was established in Boulogne, which is situated in the west of Paris. The company specializes in force and torque measurement instruments. Today is the headoffice in Vitrolles, close to Marseille airport.

1999 - Centor Series: the first gauge with a graphical display
A revolution in hand held force and torque measurement. Our Centor Series are the first hand held gauges with a built-in graphical screen to display the curve of the measurements in real time. No computer is required to directly perform tests on your products wherever they reside. Of course it is also possible to transfer the results later via RS232 to a computer or save them to our memory card reader, Datastick.

2002 - Participation in the exhibition, Control
2002    ANDILOG TECHNOLOGIES is participating to the exhibition Control in Germany annually since 2002. This year ANDILOG TECHNOLOGIES will continue its representation in Stuttgart.

2004 - Reception of the ISO 9001:2000 certificate
ANDILOG TECHNOLOGIES has just obtained certification ISO 9001: 2000. This certification rewards the permanent quality of the job of all collaborators. In addition it has underlined major factors of success on which the company will be able to capitalize. The certification is renewed for the forth time and is confirmed for 2012.

2005 - Beginning of the export sales for ANDILOG TECHNOLOGIES
Due to the success of ANDILOG TECHNOLOGIES products on the French market, we began to increase our sales in Europe thanks to our representatives network. Historically, ANDILOG TECHNOLOGIES began exporting in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Now we have representatives in most of the European countries as well as in South America.

By integrating COM-TEN Industries, a well known force tester manufacturer since 1960 in the USA, ANDILOG TECHNOLOGIES has begun their development of the American market. The corporate office of COM-TEN is near Tampa, Florida.

2009 - ANDILOG TECHNOLOGIES launches the first force gauge with color touch screen: Centor Touch.
Andilog renews its range of force gauges to integrate the latest technologies and improve performance: data rate 5000Hz, USB, color display, plug and play sensors.

2010 - ANDILOG TECHNOLOGIES re-designs its range of test stands to include the STENTOR II
ANDILOG TECHNOLOGIES delivered at the beginning of 2010 its first new test stand, the STENTOR II.  It has been completely designed to integrate our Centor Touch technology that enables the user to draw the curves force vs. travel, as well as incorporate multiple sensors.

2015 - ANDILOG redesigns its range Atlas
The tension and compression testing machines Atlas up to 50 kN have been completely redesigned to offer better performances and get a more mordern look.

2016 - ANDILOG TECHNOLOGIES has unveiled its new brand logo. the change coincides with Andilog's website launch
The new logo reflects both the evolution of the company as well as its vision for the future. This new logo evokes the values: Expertise,Versatility and Quality. Andilog's new tagline is "Force Measuring Technologies". This tagline invites customer to engage with Andilog to open up greater opportunities to success with our broader technology and solution portfolio.
While the brand tagline and logo have changed to better represent what the company is today. Andilog's value proposition remains the same - our combination of key technology, customer engagement and deeper industry expertise remains unique, and enable us to develop long-lasting and rewarding customer relationships

2017 - The year of changes
Following the continuous growth of the previous years, Andilog brought in 2017 various changes:
  • Expansion of our offices which have been doubled to increase the size of our workshop and our warehouse capacity
  • Opening of a dedicated customer support
  • Change from ISO9001:2008 to ISO9001:2015
  • Staff secondment in Germany with our business partner Ingenieurbüro Walther


We are proud to count among our customers national or multinational enterprises, but also many innovative small businesses such as:

  • Renault
  • Schneider Electric
  • RATP
  • Thales
  • Zodiac Aerospace
  • Philips
  • Decathlon
  • Moet & Chandon
  • Amplitude
  • Legrand
  • SKF
  • Hermé
  • Suntech
  • Essilor
  • Decomatic
  • Dassault
  • CEA
  • Alstom
  • Axon Cable
  • Art'Tech