Bottle testers

Our range of bottle testers is specially designed to measure opening torques for bottles and jars and to perform topload force tests. Different versions are available: manual, motorized, torque, torque & force, torque & angle.

Bottle testers, torque gauges, cap testers, topload

Bottle testers

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Drivetork - Vertical torque...
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Drivetork - Vertical torque tester

  • Designed for measuring screwing torque
  • Adjustable and regulated speed
  • With 2 plates equipped with rubber-coated gripping fingers 
  • Calibration certificate included
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Topload - Bottle crush...
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Topload - Bottle crush force measurement

  • TOPLOAD testing
  • Pre-configured package
  • 2 sizes available : 1000 and 2000 N
  • Live graphing, Force vs travel results
  • Accepts all bottles up to 400mm high
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Wireless torque bottle
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Wireless torque bottle

  • Custom made
  • Direct measurement of the screwing torque
  • Wireless sensor
  • Complete actual screwing curve retrieval
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Showing 1-5 of 5 item(s)