Torque benches

To carry out a precise, repetitive torque measurement, it is often necessary to use a torsion test stand. Our Twist series torsion test stand with combined Torque/angle measurement provides this function.

Torque benches, torque gauges

Torque benches

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DriveTwist - Automated...
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DriveTwist - Automated torsion test bench

  • Automatic torque tester up to 24Nm
  • Manual control with a console and autopilot from the computer (Califort software included)
  • Testing of springs, friction, torsion, fixation, etc.
  • Curve progression, automatic calculations, reports and complete traceability
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Twist - Manual torsion bench
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Twist - Manual torsion bench

  • manual torque and angle measurement
  • Automatic calculations and displaying of the curve
  • Interchangeable torque sensors
  • Capacities from 0.7 to 40 Nm
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Drivetork CC - Vertical...
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Drivetork CC - Vertical torque tester

  • Designed for measuring screwing torque
  • Adjustable and regulated speed
  • Computer controlled
  • Capacities from 1 to 12 Nm
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TorkHeaDriver - Motorized...
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TorkHeaDriver - Motorized torque tester

  • Rotary drive torque measurement
  • Record torque and angle
  • Automatic calculations
  • Live graphing
  • Califort software included
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