Wireless static torque sensor WLC TRD


The WLC TRD is the new wireless sensor in the Andilog range. This torque sensor makes it possible to perform measurements of screwing, torsion resistance, opening etc without being disturbed by a wire or being connected to a display. Equipped with Bluetooth technology, this sensor is compatible with Windows computers or Andilog Centor Touch displays.

The WLC TRD is the first industrial wireless torque sensor designed for high-precision measurements with a high sampling rate. Integrating the latest measurement technologies, it allows measurements to be made very easily on torque wrenches on screwdrivers or motor shafts. This sensor can be screwed to your system, mounted on a male square. Other adapters can be supplied on request (axis, hexagon...).

Available capacities: 0.3, 1.5, 6 and 12 Nm / 2.65, 13.27, 53 and 106 lbin

From 1495 tax excl. €

Measuring direction
Clockwise & Counter clockwise
0.25% of full scale
1/10,000 of full scale
Wireless sampling rate
1 000 Hz
Up to 20 meters / 65 feet
8 hours
Country of origin
HS code
9024 80 00

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