Understanding the relationship between capacity and resolution in force gauges is essential to selecting the right tool for your needs. Here's how capacity and resolution work together:

Capacity refers to the maximum force that can be measured by the gauge, while resolution indicates the smallest increment by which the gauge can measure force. This means that a gauge's resolution is critical for determining how precisely it can report changes in force within its capacity range.

Let's explore this concept using our range of Centor force gauges:

  • Centor First II: simple, accurate, for peak in tension and compression readings up to 500N/100lbs. The resolution in this model is 1/5000, it allows for precise measurements within this capacity, ensuring clarity and accuracy in readings from 0 up to the maximum capacity of 500N/100lbs.

  • Centor Easy: features a force gauge with computer connection, limits, and memory. It has an internal load cell up to 1000N/200lbs or an external load cell up to 50kN/10,000lbs. The resolution is 1/10,000, but it is designed to provide detailed increments that allow for accurate tracking and recording within the full range of its capacity.

  • Centor Star Touch: equipped with features like break calculations, curve analysis, and a color screen for enhanced data visualization, and automatic load cell recognition. It supports an internal load cell capacity up to 1000N/200lbs or an external load cell up to 50kN/10,000lbs. The gauge's resolution (1/10,000) works seamlessly with both internal and external cells to offer precise measurements across its entire operational range.

For a practical example, consider a gauge configured with a 500N capacity. The resolution of this setup will determine how finely the gauge can measure within that range, such as in increments of:

  • 0.05N on Centor Easy II and Centor Star Touch
  • 0.1 N on Centor First II

This granularity is crucial for applications requiring high precision.

In conclusion, when selecting a force gauge, understanding the interplay between capacity and resolution will guide you to a tool that not only meets your maximum force measurement needs but does so with the precision necessary for your specific applications.