Torque wrench sensor


This handle reaction torque sensors is designed to check and measure torque on screws, bolts, tools... Easy to use thanks to his ergonomic design.

This additionnal handle reaction torque sensor is recognized automatically by our Centor Star Touch force and torque gauges. It can complete a set of force and torque instruments at a very reasonable price.

The sensor characteristics are stored in the memory of an electronic circuit located inside te sensor connector and they are read by the Centor Star or Dual instrument, which is automatically configured and becomes a torque gauge without the operator having to make any adjustments.

From 1295 tax excl. €

Measuring direction
Clockwise & Counter clockwise
0.5% of full scale
SPIP sampling rate
1 000 Hz
Country of origin


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Centor Easy II TW - With wrench sensor

  • Supplied with wrench sensor
  • Accuracy 0.5% Full scale
  • 3 capacities available from 15 to 150 Nm
  • Memory for 500 peak values
  • USB Communication 
From 1599 tax excl. €