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Manual wire tester : WIRETEST 1

  • Easy to use
  • High accuracy: 0.1%
  • Calibration certificate included
  • Carousel fixture
Series code: WIRETEST 1
Availability Usually ships in 10 days
  • Documentation
  • 3D pdf
  • Plan
BAT1000 precision manual force test stand

Precise verification of wires and cable terminals

The crimping technology, connection between a terminal and a wire, can be done using a broad range of method: hand-held devices to fully automated systems. But no matter what method is used, to achieve a quality crimp, the setup should be audited. The pull force testers, WireTest, product line from Andilog offers a quick testing solution and allows you to control the mechanical properties of the crimp termination.

The Wiretest 1 manual wire crimp pull tester is an all in one and easy setup testing solution. Especially designed to measure pull-off forces on small wires and crimp terminations and supplied with wheel handles, it fits applications with a capacity range up to 1 000N. Equipped with its precision acme threaded rod for smooth precision motion and thanks to its programmable pass/fail thresholds which are displayed on its large screen, it’s suitable for quality control environment.

With the Wiretest prevents problem in the product (design of the terminals) and process (method of attachment), applicable to most types of terminals.



Force Gauge Centor Easy

Graphical force gauge Centor Easy

The force gauge Centor Easy is designed to meet the production needs of its users and offers indispensable feature for quality controls, such as: ease of reading with its large backlit graphical display, internal memory of the last 100 values, RS232 output and ability to set thresholds with visual and sound alarms. The M5 thread at the back of the device enables the mounting of on the wire tester Wiretest 1.

Its highly efficient measurement chain enables it to use a sampling rate of 1,000 Hertz with a resolution of 1/10,000 FS and a total error of less than 0.1% FS.

Key Features of the Centor Easy:

  • Fail/ Pass analysis (with beeping alarm)
  • Displays simultaneously real time and peak force values
  • Quick action lever handle (provided with 2 handles)
  • Small footprint and portable all in one measuring solution
  • 8 internal sensors available: 5N, 10N, 25N, 50N, 100N, 250N, 500N, 1 000N
Self closing wedge clamp

Manual test stand BAT and wedge clamp for cables

The Wiretest 1 model is an all in one package including the manual test stand BAT1000 which is well known for its precise displacement operation, a rotational crimp accessory which accommodates wire size from 1.5mm diameter up to 6.35mm diameter. With the BAT, you can perform tests up to 1.000 N and adapt the tensile force with the crank handle: one complete rotation corresponds to a displacement of 2,54 mm. This is usefull especially in the case of non-desctructive tests (tensile tests up to a defined force).

The Wiretest 1 is equipped with a specific accessory  for tensile tests on cables. It is composed of a self closing wedge clamp with is mounted on the lower part of the test stand in order to clamp the wires. This kind of clamp brings the advantage of increasing the tightening force when the tensile force increases, in order to avoid shifting during the tests.




Operating principles of the wiretest

  • Cut wire length and strip one end
  • Clamps the wire to the wire end (no grip on the insulation of the wire)
  • Install the terminal into the rotational crimp fixture
  • Manually operates the wheel handle
  • Force measurements are displayed in real time on the Centor Easy force gauge: raw data and peak force simultaneously.
  • Pull force reading can be recorded and compared using the data acquisition software CALIGRAPH
Wire terminal carrousel for force gauge 1000 N

Wire terminal carrousel AWG 14 to AWG 3

Our accessory carousel AC COSSE is designed for maintaining crimp terminals during quality tensile tests to determine the break force of crimps, stands up to a crimping force of 1.000N. It can be used with all types of crimp terminals (spade lugs, lugs round spades, spades flags) but also for crimp pins or crimp sleeves fitted to the beams and electrical harnesses. With its 10 slots with various openings, the operator may test the cable with a diameter between 1.5mm and 6,35mm without changing the holding accessory. The carousel is generally associated with a self-closing wedge clamp or an eccentric clamp to maintain the cable without damaging it.

 >> In this video you can see how a wire terminal is tested with the AC COSSE.


Supplied with:

  • Manual test stand BAT1000
  • Force gauge Centor Easy with internal precision load cell
  • Wire terminal carrousel
  • One or two wedge clamps depending on the capacity
  • Calibration certificate affiliated COFRAC

Technical specifications:

  • Test stand suitable for forces up to 1 kN
  • Travel of the test stand: 300 mm
  • Travel distance for each rotation of the crank handle: 2,54 mm
  • Resolution of displacement: 0,01 mm
  • Dimension of the working table: 230 x 240 mm
  • Total height: 577 mm
Series code: WIRETEST 1
Availability Usually ships in 10 days
  • Documentation
  • 3D pdf
  • Plan

Technical characteristics
Force accuracy
0.1 % FS
Force resolution
1 / 10 000
200 mm
Max wire diameter
5 mm
Certificate of calibration traceable to NIST included
Max sample length
200 mm

Related Products

Wire terminal carousel small capacity for force gauge - 200 lb

Wire terminal carrousel for force gauge 1000 N

Series code: AC COSSE
Availability: Usually ships in 10 days
  • Terminal carousel
  • Capacity 1000 N
>>
data graphing software caligraph

CALIGRAPH - Data acquisition and analyzing software for ANDILOG Centor series

Series code: CALIGRAPH
  • User-friendly intuitive user interface for fast start
  • Display of the curve in real time for force and torque gauges
  • Automatic pre-defined calculations: maximum, break, average
  • Creation of personalizable test reports
  • Permanent updates and support
>>
BAT 1000 – Precision manual force test stand

BAT1000 precision manual force test stand

Series code: BAT1000
Availability: 5 days
  • Capacity up to 1000N (200lb)
  • 300mm travel
  • Handwheel operated
  • Smooth precision motion
  • Fine positional control
>>
Graphical Force Gauge Centor Easy

Centor Easy, graphical force gauge

Series code: CNR EA
Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 weeks
  • Large Screen
  • Accuracy 0.1 % FS
  • Capacities from 5N to 1000N / 1lb to 200lbs
  • Built-in memory for 100 trials
  • Certificate of calibration included
  • New Feature: PASS/FAIL analysis
>>

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ANDILOG TECHNOLOGIES is a recognized specialist for over 25 years in measuring instruments for force and torque applications in the industrial and research markets. We achieved this goal thanks to a culture of innovation and a strict quality policy. For each measurement case of force or torque, Andilog is creating an innovative and ergonomic solution. We offer measuring devices such as test benches, software, force and torque gauges, digital displays, manual and motorized test stands. We also have every possibility of calibration in force and torque in our laboratory. Our experience as a designer, a manufacturer and an integrator of portable force measuring systems allows us to offer integrated products into complete systems for assembly or manufacturing. All these products feature the latest technologies and are designed for ease of use by industry technicians, laboratory or research.

Andilog Technologies ISO 9001:2015 Certified Certificate #A529
ISO 9001:2015 Certified
Certificate #A529

ANDILOG TECHNOLOGIES, for force gauge, torque gauge and test stand A complete range of force measuring instruments

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