ANDILOG Technologies manufactures and design force and torque instruments for more than 20 years. ANDILOG provides specific solutions for each application. We now have one of the most important range of force and torque measuring instruments, test stands, softwares and fixtures. Our products include force gauges, torque gauges, motorized test stands, torque analyzers... All our products are designed to integrate the lastest technologies to guarantee the best accuracy and user friendly interface to help measuring in a production floor, a quality lab or research center.

The instruments designed by ANDILOG TECHNOLOGIES have applications in all the industries and markets : Wire, Packaging, Spring, Automotive, Material testing, Food, Ergonomics, Medical...

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Motorized test stand for force gauge Anditork easy, manual bottle tester Manual wire tester : wiretest t1 Torque gauges Centormeter ct,portable torque calibration bench Centor star touch, advanced touchscreen force gauge
Latest products
Gyrotork - Torque and angle gauge Gyrotork - Torque and angle gauge

Gyrotork, the advanced electronic Torque and Angle reference wrench by Andilog.  Versatility, high accuracy and advanced features are the highlights of the Torque Angle degree wrench gauge Gyrotork, an audit reference measuring and live graphing the torque and angle.

Drivetwist DriveTwist, automated torsion test bench

The DriveTwist is a motorized torque & angle test bench, designed to perform effectively torsion testing on a broad range of samples. Fully automated, it's the perfect quality control solution for all torsion testings.

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Peeling tests are the practice of testing adhesion properties of film bonded to substrate, usually by tensile. The peel strength determines the adhesive strength (also called the adhesive fracture toughness).

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Packaging systems that are intended to maintain sterility of medical devices need to comply with several requirements. The package validation testing ensures that a medical device packaging system provides physical protection and maintains sterility up to its usage

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